Mollelast Haft


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MollelastĀ® Haft
No Loose Ends
The cohesive conforming bandage with two-way stretch and special expansion behaviour adheres to itself, but not to skin or hair. There are different versions depending on requirements: Mollelast haft, Mollelast haft color and Mollelast haft latex-free.
Mollelast haft stretches lengthwise and widthwise giving a good fit without bunching. So the bandage can be applied effectively to tapered limbs and can be used to retain dressings securely even around joints because of the excellent bonding of the layers. This product is also very reliable during movement: no constriction or slipping.
A microcoating is responsible for the excellent cohesive properties. The selvedges make applying the bandage effortless and also prevent fraying. The thin knitted material is very air-permeable and skin-friendly.
Some of the bandageā€™s uses include the retention of dressing pads, cannulas and cast splints (such as the Cellacast Splint) and providing support in cases of minor sports injuries, for example.
Latex-free Retention
Mollelast haft is also available in a latex-free version, which has a synthetic microcoating (free of natural rubber latex). The latex-free product features the tried-and-tested properties of Mollelast haft in a very skin-friendly conforming bandage.
Mollelast haft, latex-free:
approx. 65% lengthwise stretch/approx. 50% widthwise stretch

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